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 Wat Phra Ram, nr.7.

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BerichtOnderwerp: Wat Phra Ram, nr.7.    wo maa 02, 2011 2:01 am

Bij Wat Phra Ram betaal je als farang 50Thb entree.
Op deze site staat het volgende er over:

Wat Phra Ram is a restored ruin located in the Historical Park of Ayutthaya in Pratu
situated close to the Grand Palace and Wat Sri Sanphet in a swampy area called Bung
Phra Ram. The monastery was constructed on the cremation site of the first Ayutthayan
monarch, King Ramathibodi I (r. 1351-1369).


The exact time of its construction is not known as the various Chronicles of Ayutthaya
give different timings of its construction. The oldest version, the Luang Prasoet, written
during the Late Ayutthayan era, states its establishment in 1369 [1]. Later versions
written in the post-Ayutthayan era put its construction in the year 1434, after the death of
Borommaracha II (r. 1424-1448) and the throne ascending of King Borommatrailokanat
(r. Ayutthaya 1448-1463 / r. Phitsanulok 1463 -1488), somehow 65 year later.

"And on the cremation site for King Ramathibodi I, he who had founded the
Capital, the King had a holy monastery established, consisting of a great holy
reliquary and a holy preaching hall, and he named it the Phra Ram

The Luang Prasoet version tells us that Wat Phra Ram was the first constructed temple
at the time King Ramathibodi I passed away. The later versions could also be interpreted
as that the monastery was expanded with a Khmer-styled prang and a vihara. Nobody
knows exactly.

The general time line of its construction followed by most scholars is that King Ramesuan
(r. 1369-1370 / 1st reign) ordered the construction of Wat Phra Ram in 1369 at his
fatherís cremation site. King Ramesuan abdicated after a year while the construction was
not yet completed. His successor King Borommaracha I (r. 1370-1388) probably
carried on Wat Phra Ramís construction work. Another assumption is that King
Ramesuan resumed the work after his return to the throne (r. 1388-1395 / 2nd reign). A
major renovation of is presumed to have been undertaken in the reign of King
Borommatrailokanat. Another major restoration took place in 1741 in the Late
Ayutthaya period during Borommakotís reign (r. 1733-1758).

Dit is nr.7 op de Tourist Map.
De lokatie is: 14į 21' 14.78" N 100į 33' 38.75" E

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Wat Phra Ram, nr.7.
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